Our Storied Success

College Launch was founded in 2004 by Tammy and Joao Huang-Anacleto, Harvard graduates who saw a larger need to create a mentoring-based education company. Motivated by their own personal struggles with the college and graduate admissions process, the joint founders developed an award- winning curriculum to assist students in their path to higher education. Through the years, College Launch assembled a faculty and network of highly credentialed admissions experts with proven and excellent results.

The College Launch philosophy begins by approaching admissions in a holistic manner. Although academics are very important to a student's success, College Launch places equal emphasis on wellness: balance across personal, intellectual and leadership development. In doing so, College Launch actively cultivates a student's strength by incorporating community service, personal awareness, and social interaction by creating a caring, positive learning environment.

At College Launch, we emphasize the importance of our mission principles to our consultants. Our diverse faculty hails from diverse colleges and universities--both public and private--around the country. Some of our faculty graduated from top tier schools such as Harvard, Yale, Cal Tech, University of Southern California, London, UCLA and UC Davis. We are proud that our faculty is trained to see students for their potential and not just for their academic prowess. As a result, College Launch is not composed of just consultants, but active mentors who are personally invested in student's successes and personal growth.


1. Can you guarantee that I will get into my number one college of choice?

Here at College Launch, our number one hope and dream is that every student is able to go to their first choice school.  While we cannot make a blind guarantee, we can give you the tools to position yourselves for the best possible chance to succeed.

Note: Students that have utilized our comprehensive services start as early as 8th grade or attend our popular junior to senior year college admissions programs have achieved 'dream school' acceptances plus merit based and community service scholarships or financial aid support.

2. What is the College Launch process?

College Launch’s philosophy is to encourage and help cultivate students to understand themselves in relation to the college they wish to attend. This is why we consider our holistic approach of college counseling and application assistance to be the most effective use of a student’s time. Our intensive one on one counseling produces transformative results: higher self-awareness, confidence, and skills.

Note: If you are interested, click on our ‘Book a consultation’ and our office will confirm a complimentary session for new clients. You may then enroll during the meeting or via phone as a follow-up step.

3. On average how many applications do you fill out per year?

College Launch emphasizes students’ needs first so each student will have a different amount of applications that they choose. However, on average students will submit 10 school applications with assistance through College Launch. Of these applications, 100 % of our students attend their ‘likely’ school or ‘dream’ school.

4. Where have College Launch students been accepted?

College Launch alumni are stretched across the United States from such elite schools as Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, liberal art schools such as Claremont McKenna and Amherst to more regional schools such as University of Southern California and University of California Los Angeles. Besides this, College Launch alumni also include students currently at medical schools, law schools, and business schools across the country.

5. Who are your instructors?

College Launch prides itself in recruiting instructors that are credentialed experts in their fields of study top schoolswith at least 3 years of professional experience prior to our company’s training.  College Launch hires individuals based on: Competence, Care, and Collaboration. Our company prioritizes that each instructor works with our administrative staff to serve the ‘family’ unit including parents, students and their school as needed. 

6. What is the average cost of your service?

Based on your initial interview, our director of client relations will match you with a program best suited for your educational goals and needs, both short-term and long-term.  The average price ranges from $250 and up monthly for 8th to 10th graders and $450 and up monthly for 11th to 12th graders which often includes test preparation.  The average client who invests in a school year program across grade levels experiences a great return upon their investment by senior year with multiple college scholarships of up to $200,000 (‘trustee’ or ‘full-ride’ scholarships).