Junior Launch Programs

Junior Launch is proud to offer several packages designed to maximize the chance of success for transfers between elementary, middle, and high schools. With emphasis on family involvement, this program will lift the veil of complexities for parents who are integral to the transfer process.

Junior Launch Admissions Program

Junior Competitive Advantage
This package is best for students who are seeking transfer to only one school of choice. College Launch consultants will work with the student and parents to choose a school for transfer. The student will receive individual help with their written responses to the admissions committee and also preparation for interviews. Parents will also receive help with their written responses and interview coaching.

Junior Personal Brand Advantage
College Launch understands that some parents wish to have a more comprehensive package that allows them the freedom of choosing more schools to target transfers. This package is best suited for students who wish to apply to up to 5 schools. Since every school has nuances to their campus culture and different writing questions, College Launch will help the student craft written responses for each of the school as well as prepare for interviews at each of the campuses. Parents will likewise receive help for their responses and interview coaching.

TOEFL or IELTS Test Preparation
Our international students who are seeking admission or transferring to other schools are well taken care of by our excellent English faculty. College Launch consultants work with international students to improve their English skills in preparation for the TOEFL or IELTS. Contact us for package details today!

Customized Learning
At College Launch, we realize that some students may want to customize their learning or add extra private sessions by the hour. College Launch is flexible and eager to work with students to meet their needs. If you would like to ask about how to pick and choose a program that works best for you, please let us know!