Graduate Launch Programs

Graduate Launch is proud to offer two packages designed to help students achieve their professional goals.

Pre-Graduate School Admissions Counseling Package

Because graduate admissions are a highly selective, sometimes confusing process, Graduate Launch developed a program to help candidates unravel the complexities and nuances in choosing the best graduate schools. The Pre-Graduate School Admissions Consulting Package includes 2 private session meetings of 2 hours in length. In these sessions, the consultant will help assess the candidate's academic and professional background candidate in order to develop a comprehensive graduate school admissions plan. As experienced veterans of the industry, the consultant will also help the candidate with important career decisions related to their future graduate school goals.

Graduate School Admissions Consulting Package

The Graduate School Admissions Consulting Package is designed to maximize a graduate school candidate's chance at entering into their program and school of choice. This comprehensive package focuses on bringing out the unique qualities of the candidate through strategically refined essays, meticulously collected recommendations, and intensive interview preparation. Candidates will have unlimited consulting hours within one admissions season. Due to the highly specialized nature of each school, the initial targeted school is at a flat rate of $4,500 with each additional school for $1,000 if selected at time of purchase. Any additional schools added after the initial purchase will cost $1,500.

Graduate Launch Faculty

The Graduate Launch team is composed of highly credentialed experts in graduate admissions counseling. Due to the highly selective nature of graduate admissions, the Graduate Launch faculty is composed of premier level consultants, individuals with proven writing ability and graduate admissions experience.




- Graduate: Harvard University Graduate School of Education

- Degree: Masters of Teaching and Curriculum (Ed.M. 1998)

- Undergraduate: University of California, Los Angeles

- Degree: Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, minor in Education and Business Economics (B.A. 1996)

- Specialties: Medical school, general doctoral degrees, and general masters degrees


Tammy Huang-Anacleto is the CEO and co-founder of College Launch. Within the company, she oversees day-to-day business functions and serves as a premier consultant to select students applying for dream schools. Her creative strategies and personalized approach has been effective in coaching clients for admission.

Tammy’s experience as a ten year, Harvard admissions interviewer gives students exclusive access to her expert interview coaching and expansive network of college admissions and companies across different fields. Beyond this, Tammy will help students create their own personal brand to market themselves to admissions officers through personal statement writing and selecting schools of fit.

Tammy has assisted many students on applications ranging from law school, medical school, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees. Her excellent and groundbreaking work will help students achieve great results. Tammy is proficient in Mandarin.




Graduate: University of California, Berkeley

Degree: Doctorate of Sociology (Ph.D.)

Certification: Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Degree: Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate

Undergraduate: St. John’s University, New York

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Philosophy, and Criminal Justice

Specialties: Doctoral programs and master programs


Derrick Patterson is truly the choice for international scholars at College Launch. Currently teaching Sociology courses at New York University (NYU), Derrick has also taught for the Peace Corps in Thailand, the Ministry of Education in Thailand, California State University, Northridge and Los Angeles, and the University of California, Berkeley Department of Sociology. He has published over 20 articles in major academic journals, and his online resources have been featured in the American Sociological Association Journal.

Derrick has counseled students at College Launch for over 9 years and continues to advise new students over computer conferencing. With his quick wit and sense of humor combined with his aptitude for writing, he is an excellent choice for students who are interested in doctoral programs and master degrees.